Jerry Ashton

Jerry's music interests started with the trumpet and flugelhorn in high school. Jazz and Classical music were the tunes of the time. Picking up the guitar early in college, Americana became the genre of choice influenced by James Taylor, Doobie Brothers, Dan Fogelberg, and many others. Singing in community theater productions Oklahoma, Anything Goes, and Fiddler on the Roof expanded his musical interests. Jerry has played in a country dance band, a John Denver tribute, a Billy Joel tribute, currently guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist for Sojourn LIVE. He also plays several Senior Centers for the enjoyment of the residents and is active in the JDRF.

Valerie Bailey

Valerie learned to play the piano while flying around the world. Her flight career schedule allowed her to share her vocal talents in a variety of cover bands, praise bands, and continues to sit in with a Rockin’ Blues band, “The Defpoints.” Her passion expanded to Sojourn LIVE where she is thrilled to perform all genres from the 70’s through today... including her first love, new country music. She is also playing keys for a dance party band.

"They were great!!"

"Sojourn LIVE was great! We all remarked we need to be on a patio somewhere listening to their music with a cocktail in our hand! What a great job!"

- Cari R. Williams, Marketing Director, Music City Mall